Sermon 2.3.2019

"Turning on the Good News"

Sermon 1.27.2019

"May I Have Your Attention?"

Sermon 1.20.2019

"The Party Stops"

Sermon 1.13.2019

"There's Baptism, and then There's Baptism!"

Sermon 1.6.2019

"Recalibrating Your GPS"

Sermon 12.30.2018

"Divine and Human Favor"

Julie Davis

Sermon 12.23.2018

"Mother Mary Magnifies"

Sermon 12.16.2018

"Joy is on the Way"

Sermon 12.2.2018

"Hope Laid Up"

Sermon 11.18.2018

"Birth pangs of an Apocalypse"



Sermon 10.28.2018

"Coming Home"

Sermon 10.21.2018

"The Honest Gate"

Sermon 10.14.2018

"Standing Up to God"

Sermon 10.7.2018


Sermon 9.30.2018

"Heaven 911"

Sermon 9.23.2018

"Wisdom's Source"

Sermon 9.16.2018

"Did You Really Say That?"