Planning a Memorial Service can be a heart-breaking process. When you need to arrange for a memorial service at Little White Chapel, call the church office at 818-848-8611 or email Annette at  We will work with you to honor for loved one. 


Our chapel seats up to 75 guests and is perfect or a more intimate service.  

The chapel has a lovely piano and a public address system.

Our main sanctuary seats up to 300 guests. The sanctuary has a full sized organ and a grand piano.

Our minister and hostess will consult with you to be sure the service meets your special needs.

Our staff includes a minister, an accompanist, a hostess and a custodian.

We also have a social hall available for a reception after your service.

Details for Memorials

Main Sanctuary

$950  Includes minister, organist, hostess and custodian.


$750  Includes minister, accompanist, hostess and custodian.

Social Hall

$500 includes use of the large room with tables and chairs.

Memorial Bulletin

$75 A single fold bulletin is available showing the order of the service.

Your $200 non-refundable deposit will secure your place on the calendar.